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*All female students must wear leotards. No trunks, shirts, long pants, body suits, etc.

*Male students must wear flexible clothes allowing  proper movement.

*Put name on both dance shoes.

*Hair must be pulled back from face and secured in place.

*No smoking permitted.

*No food or drink permitted in waiting room or studio.

*No gum chewing.

*Please call Pricing.

*When a dance lesson is missed, come 1/2 hour early the following week and a makeup lesson will be provided for free.

*A late fee of $8.00 will be charged if lessons are not paid the month fees are due.

*Visitor's day will be the first lesson of each month starting in November.

*All class costumes for recital must be paid in full by November 30th. Costume fees are $50.00

*The recital fee is $50.00 per family. Each family will receive 5 tickets, more tickets may be purchased.     This fee is due in April or May, but must be paid to be in Recital.

*Single ticket price is $10.00.

*You may register for next year's classes starting in April.

*There is a $10.00 registration fee. Previous students must register by Recital to receive a $5.00 discount.




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